We are currently accepting applications for food and merchandise vendors for the Buckeye Air Fair.  If you are interested in being a vendor at the Air Fair, please review the Vendor Application, Vendor FAQs and Credit Card Form at and mail to the address on the form.  You will also need to supply your insurance information and the Maricopa Food Service Permit (if you are a food vendor).


Please include a photo of your booth or display.


Please keep in mind that, because of limited space, not all vendors will be selected. The Air Fair Committee reserves the right of refusal.


For vendor information and to receive a vendor application for the Air Fair, please contact

Philip Yabes at pyabes@buckeyeaz.gov or 623-349-6604.






Vendor FAQ


Q: Do I need to charge sales tax?

A: Yes. You would report it with your TPT-1 Return with the Arizona Department of Revenue. You can charge Sales Tax one of two ways: (1) You can add the Tax to the price of whatever you are selling, or (2) you can have an inclusive price for your goods that includes Sales Tax. If you choose the 2nd option, click here for help with the “factoring” of the Sales Tax.


Q: Is electricity available at the airport?

A: Electricity is not available at the airport. If you wish to bring your own generators, you may do so, however you must contact us via email at pyabes@buckeyeaz.gov so we can make arrangements to provide space in a location that will minimize the noise impact.


Q: Is water available at the airport?

A:  Water is not available.  You must have your own drinking water as well as water for cleanup if necessary for your operation, though there is a hose bib at the terminal that can be used to fill water containers for clean- up.


Q: Can I park my vehicle next to my booth?

A: Parking will not be available at the booth.  You may unload and set up at your booth during the set up time.  You will need to move your vehicle to the designated parking areas prior to 8:30 a.m. event day.


Q: Will there be an ATM on location at the airport?

A: No, due to the cost and lack of use by the public there will be no ATM available at the event. Vendors are encouraged to be prepared to accept credit cards.


Q: Will my booth be next to another vendor selling similar products or services?

A: We will make every effort to minimize this occurrence; however, this cannot be guaranteed.


Q: On what type of surface will the booth be located?

A: Expect to be on dirt or gravel.  A water truck will be available event day to keep the dust down.  If you are a food vendor, just be aware that you need to meet Maricopa County Department of Environmental Quality for food station setup.


Q: If I have a question or issues that need attention on the day of the event, whom should I contact?

A: Every effort will be made to handle most eventualities.  If you have an issue that needs our attention, please contact a member of the vendor management team.  The contact information will be provided during the vendor briefing on the event day.


Q: Can I request a specific location for my booth?

A: With the number of exhibitors and vendors expected, it will be very difficult for us to manage a reservations system by location.  Unfortunately, specific locations will not be possible.


Q: Will I be the only Vendor that will be selling my product or services?

A: We will make every effort to minimize duplication of product but cannot guarantee it.


Q: Will I be restricted on the price I can charge for my products or services?

A: Pricing for products or services is solely at vendor discretion.  However, vendors are responsible to comply with all state, county, and City of Buckeye taxes and laws.


Q: Will there be any restrictions on what my booth can look like?

A: This is a family event available to the general public.  The expectation is that it be tastefully done.


Q: Can I spend part of the day or do I have to be there from open to close?

A: Events are planned during the entire day.  Once a vendor is on the premises, the expectation is that they be on site during the entire event to minimize traffic and scheduling issues.  Check with the Vendor Management Team well ahead of the day of the event if you need to shut down before the end of the event.  You may be able to leave but be required to postpone breakdown until the event is ended.  In that event, you will need to provide your own security.


Q: Where is the airport located?

A: The Buckeye Municipal Airport is approximately one mile south of I-10 (Exit 109) on Palo Verde Road.  The address is 3000 S. Palo Verde Road, Buckeye, AZ 85326.  A Vendor Packet will be available prior to the event with instructions on how to get to the airport.


Q: I have no tent, chairs or tables.  Is there a rental company that can be recommended?

A: A number of companies service the Buckeye area for rental event equipment needs.  Please contact the Buckeye Valley Chamber of Commerce for local vendors who might provide event equipment or supplies.


Q: May I sell liquor at the event?

A: We are working toward securing a suitable vendor for liquor sales. No other vendors will be permitted to sell alcohol at the Air Fair.


Q: Can I use this event to sell garage sale items?

A: Garage sale items will not be permitted to be sold at the Air Fair.



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