Tentative Air Show Schedule

     11 a.m.: Opening Ceremony

                   Luke Air Force Base Flyover

                   Honor Guard presentation of colors

                   Cindy Irish (Misty Blues) Parachute jump with flag

11:15 a.m.: Will Allen the Rock 'n Roll Air Show Man teaser flight

11:20 a.m.: Desert Rats Warbird Demonstration Team

11:40 a.m.: Darrel Massman

     12 p.m.: Will Allen the Rock 'n Roll Air Show Man



About the Performers


Cindy Irish, Misty Blues

There are approximately 35,000 active skydivers in North America, and only 15% are women! The Misty Blues team is 100% women. The ladies on the team come from all across the US to demonstrate their amazing skydiving skills. Since the early 1980’s The Misty Blues All Woman Skydiving Team has been thrilling audiences at air shows, corporate events and other special occasions around the world. These exceptionally talented and brave ladies delight in displaying their parachuting talents that make them some of the most skilled skydivers in the world. They do things in the air that make people look up into the sky and feel excitement, patriotism or the thrill of a shocking visual treat.




Darrel Massman

We are honored to be featuring Darrel Massman all the way from Waupaca, WI. Darrel has been amazing air show fans for over 30 years at multiple shows across the United States. Not only an air show performer, Darrel has competed in competition aerobatics winning multi-year titles in the most difficult Unlimited Category. Not only logging hundreds of hours in the multiple aerobatic planes including several monoplanes and bi-wing machines, Darrel is certified in almost every single engine aircraft type and is type rated in the Citation Jet. He also holds a CFI instructor rating.




Desert Rats Warbirds

Lt Col (ret) Mike “Beav” Carter, USAF

Flew the F-4 and F-16 during a 20-year active duty career, he is a graduate of the USAF Fighter Weapons School, and finished his career as the Commander, 61st Fighter Squadron at Luke AFB from 1999-2000. Over 18,000 flight hours, including more than 3,000 hours of fighter time. Currently he is a Southwest Airlines Captain/Check Airman and lives in Phoenix, AZ


Col (ret) Mike “Spanky” Lynch, USAF

Flew the F-4, F-15 and F-16 during a 25-year active duty career, USAF Fighter Weapons School Graduate, 325 combat missions in Vietnam, stationed at Luke twice in the ‘80s, retiring as the 58TTW Vice Commander in 1989.  Over 3,500 hours of fighter flight time. Currently retired in Scottsdale, AZ


Delta Airlines Capt. Pat “Kato” Giery

Flies the Boeing 767-400 as a line check airman based at New York’s JFK airport to Europe and the Middle-East. Current President of the Experimental Aircraft Association’s Warbird Squadron 20 at Phoenix Deer Valley airport with more than 25,000 total hours of flight time.  Currently lives in Scottsdale, AZ.


Cathay Pacific Capt Dean "Frito" Friedt

Served in the Canadian Airforce for 9 years flying the CF-18, CF-5 and CT-33.  He is a graduate of the Canadian Fighter Weapons School, while serving on 439th "Tiger" Squadron in Germany flying the CF-18.  He is a Senior Boeing 777 Captain, with over 21,000 total hours flight time. Currently lives in Carefree, AZ





Will Allen the Rock 'n Roll Airshow Man

Get ready for a different kind of performance as Will Allen, the “Rock 'n Roll Airshow Man”, puts on a show that is a combination aerial display and rock concert! Using state of the art broadcasting equipment, Will is able to sing and announce live from the airplane in a way never done before. Flying to his custom-written soundtrack, he sings and interacts with the crowd, giving the feel of a lead singer getting the crowd on their feet at a concert. The music was arranged and recorded in Will’s home recording studio with the help of his many professional musician friends- including a full horn section, which gives the rock music an energy and power that compliments the maneuvers of the Rock 'n Roll Pitts. All of this is precisely timed to the flying by our team on the ground, controlling our specialized equipment. You will want to be up front and by the speakers for this show so you can get up and cheer as the Rock 'n Roll crew launch T-shirts into the crowd!


So how in the world did he come up with an act like this? Well, Will was born in Alaska where airplanes were common in the family, so it was inevitable that he would become a pilot. He eventually earned his private license in Seattle at the age of 19. He has been involved with aerobatics as an instructor and successful aerobatic competition pilot for almost 10 years and established Flipside Aerobatics in 2006 with the goal of helping pilots become safer.


Will has also been a multi instrument musician and vocalist since high school, doing anything from night club bands to jazz bands to musical theater, sometimes on the side and sometimes as a full-time professional. He has always loved performing on the stage so a singing/announcing air show act was the perfect fit for him.


Will has finally put together music and flying, the two biggest passions in his life, into one big theatrical production so we hope you will get up on your feet and enjoy the show and if it makes you dance a little then we’ve done our job!




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